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Like a cork that pops from a bottle of champagne, this record will reveal an intoxicating and sparkling vintage of retro Jazz.


With her boys, as cheerful as they are elegant,

Ô de mon Chéri revisits the Jazz standards but also some lesser known gems. She also makes a little detour through French songs and Cuban rhythms.


Slipping sometimes into the shoes of Aznavour, Billie Holiday or Rose Murphy, the Parisian singer bewitches the ghosts of Duke Ellington and Cole Porter, and sprinkles with some roaring twenties magic this third millennium is lacking.

As a real performer, she slips like an actress into the skin of each song, while her skillful musicians set up the scenery and the action: the twirling hands of Gwen Ollivier on the piano, 

the bewitching guitar of Etienne Favier,

and the seductive composure of John Dufossé's double bass.

The trio of musicians combines technicality, freedom and passion to sculpt each cover as accurately as possible.


Let yourself be charmed!

Thomas Lecuyer

(writer/cultural columnist and co-founder of the Blues Rules Festival)



VLS Productions

Inouïe Distribution

Release date: 7th May 2021.

Ô de mon Chéri - voice

Gwen Ollivier - piano & arrangements

John Dufossé - double bass & mix

Etienne Favier - guitar

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