Ô de mon Chéri, master of the stage!

YOUR presenter or mistress of ceremonies fluent in French, English & Spanish!

Cultural, corporate, commercial or sports events, conferences,

fashion shows, lottos, cabarets or private events...

- Television : 

From May 2015 - TV host on QVC, the world's leading TV and ecommerce retailer (between 2 and 4 hours live 3 days a week)​.

- Burlesque & Cabarets : 

From 2011 to 2015 - Regular compere of shows in Switzerland. 

Organizer of 3 cabarets in Barcelona. 

- Cultural events : 

2014 - Mistress of Ceremonies for the "Beaujolais Nouveau et Tapis Rouge" of French American Chamber of Commerce, Houston (USA). 

2015 - Host for the dance festival "Leapin’ Lindy".

- Commercial events : 

2014 - Presenter for the Haute couture catwalk of the brand C&D Addabbo. 

2014 & 2015 - Lotto presenter at Le Lido Comedy & Club


When Ô de mon Chéri puts on her mistress of ceremonies' costume, she ensures the event runs as planned, showcasing the participants and arousing the audience's interest by making them participate with elegance and humour.


All events are one of a kind. Consequently, Ô de mon Chéri works hand in hand with the event planner. She can use the codes and culture of the brand by using a provided written script, or she can make her own research and write herself the most appropriate text for the event.


When it comes to a show, Ô de mon Chéri loves creating and sharing a story that becomes the common thread throughout the event. 

Whether it is her costumes, music repertoire, the diverse stories, moods and short acts she conceives, the audience is transported into another world. Her energy, charm and enthusiasm entertain and mesmerize the participants from the first to the last second of the show.


Very well organized, meticulous, attentive to detail and to please the event planner and the audience, Ô de mon Chéri is also a Queen of improvisation, staying flexible and handling the unexpected in a stealth-like manner that even the audience is unaware!