As a professional singer since 2007, 

I am specialized in Jazz, Swing, Rhythm'n'Blues and Chanson Française

from the 20's to the 50's.

I have performed in 16 countries

(extensively in Europe but as well in the USA, Bahamas, Brazil, Uruguay & Ghana) and before celebrities such as Elton John and the Beckhams. 

I started my career in Barcelona, Spain, where I founded and managed my first musical project:

El Trío Chikiboom.

Inspired by The Andrews Sisters, El Trío Chikiboom 

was a 30's-40's jazz/swing female vocal trio 

composed of a Spanish, Canadian and French girl.  


After 7 years with El Trío Chikiboom, I left Barcelona for Lausanne, Switzerland, where I was offered to sing alone & to be a Mistress of Ceremonies for Burlesque cabarets.


This new string to my bow surprisingly brought me in 2015 to be hired as a TV host in Paris, France.

During 4 years, I hosted around 1.872 hours of live TV ! 

Now settled in Paris,

I currently pursue my career as a singer,

an emcee for corporate events & cabarets

and a vintage model. 

Me in a nutshell?

> Born in Aix-en-Provence. 

> I live in Paris but lived previously in

Switzerland, Spain and the UK.

> I have a MBA and I  speak 

French, English and Spanish.

> I was born with this voice and the will to sing & perform and no, I never graduated from any Music school !

> I took classes of opera & jazz singing, saxophone, clown, improvisational theatre, circus hoola hoop and dance (ballet, modern jazz, tango, salsa, tap dancing,

lindy hop & charleston). 

> I am 100% vegan. 

> I am a vintage lover !  

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